Desperate mum vows she’ll die trying to find daughters abducted by their father

Tanya Borg has flown to Tripoli to try and find her two daughters but returned without them despite being granted full custody of them in both the UK and Britian

A desperate mum whose two young daughters were abducted by their own father and taken to Libya six years ago says she will never stop trying to find them.

Tanya Borg has been fighting to get Angel and Maya back since Mohammed El Zubaidy took them abroad to ‘meet their gran.’

He had told their mum he would take the girls to Tunisia, but crossed the land border into Libya.

Tanya, 42, has previously said that she fears the girls are now being forced to live a strict Muslim lifestyle with little or no freedom or education.

She has been granted full custody of Angel, 21, and Maya, nine, in both Britain and Libya since they were taken in 2015.

But Tanya, of Pewsey, Wiltshire, is still no closer to getting her daughters back, with her ex-husband having been jailed previously for breaching orders to return them.

He has told judges he does not know where the children are and cannot return them.

For years Tanya has put all her efforts into trying to reach her children – even hiring people on the ground abroad to investigate – and setting up a social media group.

Heartbreakingly, she even tried flying out to Tunisia on a lead to the potential location of Angel and Maya, but the lead turned out to be fruitless.

“I’m doing anything I can,” she said.

“It’s just frustrating now that money is the only thing holding me back from doing more.

“But I’ll keep trying, I’ll die trying to get my daughters back.

“Angel is 21 now, and Maya will be 10 in October, they don’t even have a mobile phone.

“I have no way of contacting them or knowing that they’re okay.

“I’ve put everything I have into finding them and won’t stop, I can’t stop until the day they can come home.”