UK’s unluckiest dog returns to rescue centre she was adopted from 14 years ago

Tandie was just a few months old when she was adopted at the RSPCA centre in St Columb, Cornwall, but she has returned hoping another family come forward after her owners made a difficult decision

One of the UK’s unluckiest dogs is back at the rescue centre she where she was adopted from nearly 15 years ago – and the RSPCA have vowed to find her another new home.

Tandie arrived in the Cornwall with her mum – a stray with a broken jaw – and her nine littermates back in 2007.

She was just a few months old when she found a family, but now the search is on for another home.

The charity have confirmed her owners made the difficult decision to return the spaniel following a death in the family.

That hasn’t stopped an appeal going out and the RSPCA believe an end of life foster home can be found for Tandie.

Back at the rescue centre in St Columb, near Newquay, the dog will be supported financially and medically once new owners come forward.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “We cared for Tandie 14 years ago and we still will today.

“She was adopted from us as a puppy and had a wonderful life with the most incredible family.

“But, sadly, they had to make a heartbreaking decision to sign her over to us following a death in the family.

“Her years have caught up with her since we last took care of her.

“She has very limited vision and is completely deaf. She also has arthritis, various lumps and bumps, and a skin condition which she has daily treatment for.

“For these reasons, we’re looking for an end of life foster home locally to our centre so that we can continue to financially and medically support Tandie, and her fosterers, for the rest of her days.”

Staff added that they are looking for a quiet home where she can learn the layout easily and she won’t bump into things.

They added that Tandie needs a home with no other pets and with people who are around most of the day, as well as a secure garden.